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We make everything you do, feel better.

At Hot Yoga Republic, we love yoga. We love the calm, the clarity, the strength and the flexibility that comes with a regular yoga practice. And then there is the sweat, that glorious make-your-skin-glow, make-your-eyes-bright, make-your-clothes-fit-better sweat.

We’ve also come to appreciate how yoga changes everything off the mat as well. The patience you’re able to show your family, the golf swing that moves a little easier, the surge in your legs as you climb a steep hill on your mountain bike, the ability to listen to a friend without the impatience of a busy mind…this is yoga.

But the most important thing we’ve come to cherish after teaching yoga in Northern California for decades, are the friendships we’ve made while practicing together. Forming deep connections has allowed all of us to experience life in a more profound, joyful way.

Join our Republic of regular people who have learned that yoga makes them feel good. Whether you love the challenging rhythm of a Power Vinyasa Flow, the techno beats of Inferno Hot Pilates, or the intensity of Bikram, we’ve got you covered.

We can’t promise you a perfect life, but we can promise that we will make everything you do, feel better.

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